Drummer Nation Hip Shots! video submission process.

You must be at least 18 years old to submit a video. Video must be shot with no third-party logos or artwork,  no third-party music, and must not exceed one minute in length. Videos must have some relationship to drums, drummers, or drumming. Be creative. Submitted videos must be posted to a user created YouTube channel. Please send only the link to your video by email to hipshots@drummernation.com. You will be notified if your video is chosen and asked to sign a release.

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Hip Shots
I'll give you one minute if you give it a

Hip shots are short, informal videos presented bi-weekly on the opposite weeks of the Drummer Nation podcast. They are quick, only about 1 minute long. I made a few myself and posted them here. In one, I do some playing to explore the sound and video differences of two popular cameras. In another I play an electronic kit to demonstrate the sounds of a virtual library I produced.

​Now, here's your chance. Submit a video that has some relationship to drums, drummers, or drumming, Keep it at or under one minute. I'll pick a new one every two weeks and post them to our network.  This could be your moment to build an audience for yourself.  I'll give you a minute if you give it a shot.  MV

email to: hipshots@drummernation.com.